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Singapore: Recipes for a Crowded Planet
UNDP Human Development Report, Autumn 1998

Can Asians Think?
The National Interest, Summer 1998

Seven Paradoxes on Asia-Pacific Security
Text of speech at Europe Asia Forum, Singapore, 21 February 1998

An Asia-Pacific Consensus
Foreign Affairs, September/October 1997

The ASEAN 'Magic'
Gaiko Forum, April 1996

The Pacific Impulse
Survival, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Spring 1995

The Pacific Way
Foreign Affairs, January/February 1995

Asia and a United States in Decline
The Washington Quarterly, Spring 1994

Pol Pot: The Paradox of Moral Correctness
Terrorism, Vol. 16, 1993

The Dangers of Decadence: What the Rest can teach the West
Foreign Affairs, September/October 1993

The End of an Epoch
Text of speech at National University of Singapore Convocation Ceremony, 1 September 1993

An Asian Perspective on Human Rights and Freedom of the Press
Text of lecture at Seminar on “Asian and American Perspectives on Capitalism and Democracy,” 28-30 January 1993

Japan Adrift
Foreign Policy, No. 88, Fall 1992

The West and the Rest
The National Interest, No. 28, Summer 1992

The Ten Commandments for Developing Countries in the Nineties
Environment Guardian, 21 September 1990

US Doesn’t Bear Excessive Share of UN Costs
The Wall Street Journal, 30 October 1986

The Kampuchean Problem: A Southeast Asian Perception
Foreign Affairs, Winter 1983/1984